Can a Locksmith Open a Locked Safe?

Learn how experienced locksmiths can open your locked safe without damaging its contents. Find out how much it costs and how often you should have your combination lock checked.

Can a Locksmith Open a Locked Safe?

Your safe contains valuable items that you can't afford to lose due to a faulty lock.


are trained to open the safe without damaging its contents, so contact your local locksmith today and they will take care of the problem and prevent further damage. Of course, the locksmith will need to verify that the box is theirs before opening it, but their help will ensure that it is opened without any harm. United Locksmith is an experienced locksmith company that provides top-notch security services at affordable prices and 26% discounts across the country. This protection for customers allows a mobile locksmith service to prioritize customer convenience.

Whether you've forgotten your code or combination, or if your safe has been damaged in any way, Amalgamated Locksmiths is here to help. Before calling a locksmith, try to diagnose the issue yourself. The locksmith must use their expertise and drill the safe (possibly multiple times) to try to find a spot where the mechanical part can be seen with a telescopic sight that allows the safe to be opened. Because of their experience and training, and often requiring a license or merchant membership, you can expect to pay more for a secure locksmith compared to other locksmith services.

For this reason, you should have your combination lock checked every few years by a local locksmith, to keep it in good working order. However, even if you manage to open the safe, a locksmith will still need to repair it so it works optimally. At a high level, locksmiths usually drill the safe, although not always, when the combination is lost, if the lock has completely broken down, or if the inner linkage of the door is not working properly. However, if you use a safe and not a safe box, the total cost of the service is likely to be lower. To determine if you might have stuck locks on your safe and need to call a locksmith to deliver the safes to you, try turning the locking mechanism.

Before calling a locksmith if you notice that the keyboard doesn't turn the locks, you can try fixing some of the problem yourself. However, many safe owners neglect to maintain their safe and it's common for them to call locksmiths when the safes aren't working properly.

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