Can a Locksmith Make a New House Key Without the Original?

Learn how professional locksmiths can make new house keys without an original copy. Find out what restrictions apply when replacing certain types of keys and how to choose the right locksmith.

Can a Locksmith Make a New House Key Without the Original?

It is possible to create a duplicate key without the original one. Professional locksmiths can use a code cutter to identify the depth of the slots in the lock code, allowing them to make a key with the right combination. It's also worth learning about the types of keys that are duplicated most often. When you have a blank key, it's easy to make a duplicate as you have the blank piece in front of you and can copy it.

This will work on many different styles of locks, but the hardest thing is figuring out which blank key is in the lock. Choosing the right locksmith is critical, especially because you're giving them access to your home, vehicle, office, or general property. There are restrictions on duplicating certain types of keys by enforcing conditions that must be met. If you want to learn more about how keys are made and how they can be duplicated without an original copy, keep reading below. In the event that you lose an original key, locksmiths still have solutions to help you create a new key even without having the original key handy. However, there are restrictions to consider when replacing certain types of keys.

It is highly recommended to look for a licensed locksmith who is professional and experienced in this task. Often, manufacturers stamp codes on the key or lock or print them on the lock manual. A code cutter is a device that can measure the depth of the slots in the lock, allowing the locksmith to create a key that fits into those slots. With this device, locksmiths can make new keys without needing an original copy.

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