Can a Locksmith Make a Lock Fit a Key?

Find out if an experienced locksmith can make a lock fit a key and what steps are involved in this process.

Can a Locksmith Make a Lock Fit a Key?

Yes, an experienced locksmith should generally have the ability to make a lock with a key. However, it's important to remember that the steps involved in this process can be complicated even for experienced locksmiths and may require some patience on the part of the customer or customer. If you don't have the original key, you can choose to hire a locksmith to make a new key or you can replace the lock. When you buy from a locksmith or hardware store, they usually change the key on the locks to match a different existing key at no cost.

The only tools you'll need to change the lock key yourself are a key change kit and your current lock key. Once you have the necessary marks, the key is removed from the lock to file it and make the cuts. To do this, the locksmith must note the correct order of the pins, starting from the tip to the shoulder. The kit works with entrance locks and a bolt, and comes with two keys and all the tools you'll need except a screwdriver.

Most common door locks can be changed, but if you've lost the original key or the lock is broken, you'll need to change it. After disassembling the lock, you will get the necessary measurements of the pins and internal mechanisms to make the lock work. They have two kits designed to change the key of some locks to a specific key included in the kit and larger kits that will allow you to freely change the key to your locks for any old key. If you're wondering how locksmiths disassemble locks, you can watch this video on “How to disassemble your lock”.

If a locksmith can't get the lock code or hasn't been able to print it out, his last option is to disassemble the lock. To check if they have the same keyway, pick up the key you want to use and check if it slips through the hole in the new lock. If the key doesn't slide in, the cylinders (slots) are different and you can't make the lock work with that key. If you make a mistake, pins and springs will pop everywhere, and a local locksmith will charge more to reassemble it.

A blind key code represents the specification of the lock using a combination of numbers and digits. The key pins, in turn, contact the main pins and align them on the cut line, allowing the cap to rotate and thus open the lock. Instead of using sturdy locks made of steel, locksmiths choose soft brass keys, as it's easier to stamp the pins inside the cylinder with softer materials.

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