Can a Locksmith Make a Key Out of a Lock?

Find out how experienced locksmiths can make keys out of existing locks even if you don't have access to an original one.

Can a Locksmith Make a Key Out of a Lock?

Many people don't know that a locksmith can make a key out of a lock even if the original key is lost. Fortunately, a locksmith can make a keyless key by cutting new keys according to the code, printing the lock, and disassembling the lock. With a brass one, the locksmith will easily detect the marks left on the key when binding the keys and will be able to archive these marks much more easily. Since a blank key is rough, you must first smooth it out so that you can easily see the marks on the locks pins.

A blind key code represents the specification of the lock using a combination of numbers and digits. Although it is the easiest method, this process cannot be used at all times, especially when there is no original key. In order for a locksmith to make a key from a lock with the key code, he will need to use a code cutter. Therefore, the locksmith usually repeats the cycle by moving the blank key in and out of the lock several times.

Locksmiths usually disassemble the entire lock cylinder to attempt to reverse engineer the key slots based on the alignment and height of the pins inside the lock cylinder. However, as I pointed out earlier, it's not always possible to print a key correctly and make it work as it should, so some locksmiths often have to resort to disassembling the lock. In short, printing a lock allows the locksmith to manufacture a key from a lock without having to disassemble the entire lock cylinder or having to decode the lock. Basically, they involve understanding why a locksmith would need to make a key out of a lock and also understanding the ways in which this can be done.

After disassembling the lock, you will get the necessary measurements of the pins and internal mechanisms to make the lock a working key. Once all the necessary markings have been made, the locksmith will file the blank key to form a working key. Because there are different keys and different types of locks, a locksmith uses several processes to make a key from a lock. Using your skills, you can choose to cut the key from the code, print the lock, or disassemble it.

Usually, disassembly of the lock is done when neither cutting nor printing can be used. It is possible for an experienced locksmith to make a new key for an existing lock even if you don't have access to an original one. The process involves understanding why you need to make such a key and also understanding how it can be done. The locksmith will need to use either code cutting or printing techniques or even disassemble and reverse engineer parts of the lock in order to create an exact replica of an existing key.

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