Can a New Key be Made from a Lock?

Find out how to make a new key from an existing lock with the help of a qualified locksmith. Learn about the process of taking an impression of the lock and how to find the right blank key.

Can a New Key be Made from a Lock?

A locksmith can provide a service to create a new key without having to decode the lock. This is done by taking an impression of the lock, which does not require disassembling it. This process is known as a lock print and it allows the locksmith to manufacture a key that fits the lock. It is an efficient way to make a new key for qualified locksmiths. You can easily find a locksmith who can cut a key from an existing lock.

This works with many different types of locks, but the most difficult part is figuring out what blank key the lock requires. When you have the blank key, it's easy to duplicate it since you have the original piece in front of you. There are kits available that come with two keys and all the necessary tools, except for a screwdriver, to work with entrance locks and bolts.

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