Can a Locksmith Rekey a Lock Without the Original Key?

Find out if it's possible for a locksmith to rekey a lock without having access to its original keys.

Can a Locksmith Rekey a Lock Without the Original Key?

In most cases, a locksmith can re-lock the locks even if you've lost or misplaced the original key. By changing the key of a lock cylinder, it will be easier for the locksmith to disassemble the lock cylinder after placing the lock in the “open” position. Yes, it is possible to change the key of a lock without the original key. A locksmith can change your locks even if you've lost or misplaced the original key.

In general, it is possible to open or close the lock and open the door. Then it will be much easier for the locksmith to remove the cylinder from the lock. The locksmith is going to change the lock to the unlocked position. That will make it easier for you to work on the lock. At the same time, locks come in many shapes and forms.

Therefore, the process may be different for certain types of locks. It's not very uncommon to find homes with locks but no key. In fact, it is very common in houses that have several locks on entrances of different styles (garage, patio, mosquito doors, French doors, etc.). Depending on the type of lock, a locksmith can change the key to those locks, even without the original key. You can change the key on the locks to match the existing keys when the locks have the same hole.

To check if they have the same key fob, pick up the key you want to use and check if it slips through the hole in the new lock. If you slide in, you can change the key of the new lock to use the same key. If the key doesn't slide in, the cylinders (slots) are different and you can't make the lock work with that key. We sell a Kwikset SmartKey key change kit that provides you with everything you need to change the key of a Kwikset lock for an existing key if the locks are Kwikset Smartkey locks. Once the cylinder is secured inside the lock housing, the Find My Keys locksmith will reinstall the lock on the door of your home or business. When you buy from a locksmith or hardware store, they usually change the key on the locks to match a different existing key at no cost.

They have two kits designed to change some locks for a specific key included in the kit and larger kits that will allow you to freely change the key of your locks for any old key. There are some situations where you might want to change the key to a lock if you've lost your original set of keys. By taking a look at the original key or comparing it to the lock, it is possible to change the key to just about anything. This makes it easier, as it ensures that the correct pins are used for smooth operation, but it also increases the workload, as you may have to re-close all the locks (instead of just new ones) with this key. To save money, always take them to a lock shop, don't install them (so that locksmith doesn't have to go to your location). This is useful when you're replacing one lock with another and want to make sure that what you buy can be changed to match your current key. Place pins of cylinder cap on table and insert new key with which you want lock to work.

The Find My Keys locksmith uses follower to remove lock cylinder and hold upper pins while changing key of lock cylinder. Let's say you bought house but there are one or two locks in house that work with different key than rest of locks (or just don't have key for one or two of locks). Using a key, wedge or pick (how to change key of keyless lock), Find My Keys locksmith will remove cylinder from lock. If have access to lock and can remove from door without damaging lock, can remove cylinder and use Kwikset Smart Key Reset Base place new key in lock.

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